Get soothing relief & speed up recovery

Topical therapy to reduce bruises, hematomas and hemosiderinic dyschromias in recovering, trophic or dyschromic skin

Bruise-eze® Cream

Compact and convenient

Bruise-eze® Airless

Easy to use airless pump

Bruise-eze 2.B 5ml

5x Sterile Single-use Applicators

Your go-to solution for fast and effective bruise relief

Specially formulated as a topical therapy, Bruise-eze® targets bruises, hematomas, and dyschromias. Packed with lactoferrin in a liposome, it speeds up healing, making bruises disappear in a flash.

How does it work?

Iron-Chelating Activity

Lactoferrin binds iron ions, creating a protective barrier against their detrimental effects.


Reduces swelling by guiding the migration, maturation and cell functions involved in the inflammatory process.

Antioxidant Activity

Neutralizes harmful free radicals in the body, which contribute to tissue damage and inflammation.

Immune System Modulation

Prevents the replication of iron-dependent bacteria, such as pabulum.

Transformative results

Mask group (2)

48 hours after incident

Mask group (3)

After 7 days

Mask group (4)

After 14 days

Clinically proven

Because lactoferrin has a very strong affinity for iron, in one study it was shown to reduce severe bruising (hematoma) discolouration by 31.5% after applying liposomal lactoferrin to the wound site for 1 week compared to 11.1% without application of liposomal lactoferrin1.
1. Martinez Grau, G., Lopez, M., Gomez, MC. (Dept. of Orbital & Ocular Plastics, Brill Pharma, S.L.)Use of Liposomal Lactoferrin in Post-Blepharoplasty Hematoma. In: XXIX SECPOO (Spanish Society of Ocular and Orbital Plastic Surgeons) Congress; 5-7 June 2019; Barcelona.


What is Bruise-eze® used for?

Bruise-eze® Cream and Bruise-eze® Airless

These products are intended for the treatment of alterations of the dermal-epidermal tissue, such as,

  • Bruises
  • Haematomas
  • Skin discolouration resulting from: bruises, haematomas, ecchymosis, post-operative bruising
  • Post sclerotherapy haemosiderinic dyschromia (Hyperpigmentation after varicose vein injections)
  • CVI (Chronic Venous Insufficiency) dyschromia (skin discolouration due to pooling of blood in the veins caused by poorly working veins or valves)
  • Prevention of iron-dependent venous ulcers
  • Post non-ablative laser treatment, such as epilation and vascular lasers

Bruise-eze® 2.B

This product is a sterile, single-use applicator (5 per box) intended for topical management of deep secondary-healing wounds and is particularly for indications, such as:

  • Pressure sores
  • Deep leg ulcers
  • Cavity wounds
  • Excisions
  • Post-operative wound dehiscence (splitting)
  • Light burns
  • Abrasions
  • Fissures
  • Scarring of wounds
  • Post-ablative laser treatments

It is also suitable for the applications listed for Bruise-eze® Cream and Airless products.

Why is it worth using Bruise-eze® cream?

Reduces redness and lightens discoloration of the skin associated with the accumulation of iron
Effectively improves the appearance and condition of the skin
Reduces the inflammatory reaction
The liposomal form of lactoferrin ensures that more lactoferrin reaches the area it is needed most and can start working faster.

What are the active ingredients?

Lactoferrin (lipid technology)

How to use Bruise-eze®?

External use only. Apply twice a day topically on the affected area of the skin

When not to use Bruise-eze®?

Known hypersensitivity to components.

Precautions for use

Consult a doctor before use if pregnant or lactating and in children (under 3 years)
Do not use Bruise-eze® on open wounds
Prolonged use of Bruise-eze® could lead to sensitisation
Simultaneous use of creams and/or similar on the same anatomical part may preclude the efficacy and the safety of Bruise-eze®

How is Bruise-eze® stored?

Store the package at temperature not exceeding 25°C in a dry place away from light and heat sources

Before you use Bruise-eze®

Do not use if hypersensitive to active ingredient or excipients of Bruise-eze
Keep out of reach of children
Do not swallow
Do not use Bruise-eze if the packaging does not appear intact
Do not use after the expiry date

Where can I buy Bruise-eze®?

The Bruise-eze® range of products is available from this list of stockists. Click here to find your nearist available stockist.